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I liked this book so much, I read it twice.” — P. Daniels, Amazon Review “Just finished reading "Winter Fire", by Kathy Fischer-Brown. I enjoyed it. It was an easy read,with a nice blend of romance and action. I intend to read another of her books.” — Phyllis,  Amazon Review "Reminiscent of 'Last of the Mohicans' with its raw, haunting mood, Winter Fire, by Kathy Fischer- Brown, is a compelling story of love and hate, acceptance, and forgiveness. Oft times painful, it is a rich, exciting read through a dark time told exquisitely by an exceptional writer."  Bonnie Napoli, author of Shadows of the Eclipse 5 Stars "[The] characters leap off the page into your heart. I highly recommend it for avid lovers of an excellent read in historical romance. This novel is a keeper." Shelia Jordan, Women On Writing 4 Stars "Kathy Fischer-Brown recreates the terror of the Indian wars and vividly evokes the wonder of newfound love." Faith V. Smith, Romantic Times “...You will not be disappointed with WINTER FIRE. It will become on of your favorite books just as it has become one of my favorites.” — Kristie Leigh Maguire 4 Roses "It is definitely a worthy candidate for a MUST BUY list." Rose, Romance News "Winter Fire is a beautifully written, well-researched novel of passion and honor...If you're looking for an adventure, a history lesson, and a touching romance, you'll find it wrapped up in Winter Fire. I highly recommend this wonderful tale." Jani Brooks, Romance Reviews Today "As the story unfolds one can't stop reading. I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a touching read with great characters and a wonderful setting." Wendy Keel, eBook Reviews Weekly 4 Hearts “Kathy Fischer-Brown weaves a tale of intrigue set to a backdrop of history and romance. The story moves along, keeps you interested right up to the end, and the love story between Zara and Ethan is tender and heartwarming. The author does an excellent job of weaving in the cultures clashing against each other, the unfounded prejudices of societies that don't understand each other, while still keeping the focus on the romance. This is a touching story, the characters are vivid, the history is accurate, and the details really give the story a sense of place.” The Romance Studio "Very seldom does an author write characters that a reader can fall in love with, cry with, laugh with, and rejoice with when something wonderful happens for them. Ms. Fischer-Brown has accomplished this! Bravo! Winter Fire is a true winner. Read it, you’ll love it!" Margaret Marr, Romance at its Best
When Ethan Caine pulled the unconscious woman from the half-frozen creek, he had no idea that his world was about to explode. Dressed in quilled doeskin of Iroquois design, she stirred up dark secrets from his past. At the same time, she was everything he desired. But she was more Indian than white, and on the run for murder. He needed to know the truth. Banished by the Seneca Indians who had adopted and raised her, ostracized by the whites in the settlement, Zara Grey wanted only to be accepted. “Ethancaine” treated her with kindness and concern. It was easy to trust him. But her Indian ways disturbed him, and in her heart she would always be Seneca.
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