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The Partisan’s Wife Book 3, “The Serpent’s Tooth” trilogy Published by BWL Publishing
Faced with an impossible choice, Anne Marlowe is torn between the love for her husband and the need of her father’s forgiveness. As the American forces follow up on their tide-turning victories at Freeman’s Farm and Bemis Heights, Peter is drawn deeper into the shadowy network of espionage that could cost them both their lives. Is his commitment to the Rebel cause stronger than his hard-won love for Anne? Will her sacrifice tear them apart again...this time forever? Or will they find the peace and happiness they both seek in a new beginning? The Partisan’s Wife follows Anne and Peter through the war torn landscape of Revolutionary War America, from the Battle of Saratoga to British-occupied New York and Philadelphia, and beyond. “Echoes of great writers from the period abound here, but this modern tale moves fast and is always inventive. The characters, drawn from all classes--loyalists, rebels, opportunists, the cruel, the mad and the kind--are crisply drawn and always believable. I'd recommend "The Partisan's Wife" particularly to any reader who enjoys the period, or a thoroughly researched historical set in any time. You won't be disappointed” -- Juliet Waldron, author of Angel’s Flight Available in all ebook formats here. Ask for the paperback at your favorite bookstore or order here. Click here to read an excerpt
“Again the author wrote such descriptive details of the surroundings that I was able to paint a vivid picture of what each of our characters endured. Overall this was a very different type of romance story. The author had a unique idea and created a compelling story around it. I wish nothing but the best for our couple. I really enjoyed these books and am glad Anne finally understood what it is she wanted and was able to move on.” --Romantic Historical Lovers “This book was so intricate in detail that I learned a lot about history. I loved that the author took us to great landmarks in the U.S., especially Philadelphia....The imagery that the author used made me feel like I was on the prairie and was a frontier. How the people of that time period lived was definitely well described by the author. ...This is definitely a history that is worth reading about.... There was also romance and espionage.” --Deal Sharing Aunt   “I absolutely loved this book! The attention to detail was incredible – it was obvious that the author spent a great deal of time on her research. From the actions and speech patterns of her characters to the way the settings were depicted, I could feel like I was living during the Revolutionary War, watching the story as it unfolded. I was completely caught up in her words, at time unable to get to sleep at my normal time because I found myself not wanting to put down my kindle. I had to know what was going to happen next! Her characters were well developed each with their own interests and driving factors. And there was (in my opinion) a perfect balance of the different classes – some were loyalists, while others were rebels, and while others still were simply opportunists willing to support whichever side they believed could give them the best outcome.” -- Once Upon a Book “The story itself was ... beautifully told with lots of detail and exciting pace. I found myself staying up late at night just to see what was going to happen next, and in the moments that I couldn’t read I was always thinking about it. The Serpent’s Tooth Trilogy is an excellent read that you shouldn’t let pass you by! --Unabridged Andra
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