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Lord Esterleigh’s Daughter
Book 1, “The Serpent’s Tooth” trilogy
As a child, Anne Fairfield dreams of the father she never knew, the hero who died fighting the French and their Indian allies in a land across the sea. Her mother’s stories, and fantasies of her own devising, sustain and nurture her through a poor and lonely existence. Until one winter night, a strange man comes to call, and the life she has known comes crashing down like shattered glass. Forced to confront sordid truths, secrets and lies, the headstrong young woman begins to learn that, like generations of women ruled by their hearts, she is destined to follow in their footsteps. Set against the backdrop of 18th century England, Lord Esterleigh’s Daughter is the first book in “The Serpent’s Tooth” trilogy, which follows Anne from the rural countryside, to London society and into the center of the American Revolution. Available in all ebook formats here. Ask for the paperback at your favorite bookstore or order here
“A winding, gothic story, Lord Esterleigh's Daughter has all the twisted familial relationships, dark secrets, and murderous plots you could want in such a story.” Cora Seton Reviews “Kathy Fischer-Brown pens "Lord Esterleigh's Daughter" the first book in 'The Serpent's Tooth Trilogy' in a very well written plot filled with romance, suspense and danger. The author's characters were developed well and believable.” My Cozie Corner Book Reviews “...I could easily see this series as a movie-maybe one day I will. So, if you are a fan of dark gothic themes, enjoy seeing the underbelly of British society and what goes on behind the scenes, as it were, I highly recommend you buy this trilogy...” The Long and the Short Of It Reviews "The novels excels in that it introduces a myriad of characters, all of whom leave the reader wanting more. I've noticed a lot of comparisions to Jane Austen ...if anything, I would reference Daniel Defoe or Henry Fielding, though there is little comedy in Anne's journey. The novel is quite gothic in fact." Caroline Wilson Writes   “Overall, this novel is about secrets, betrayal, lies, friendship, and romance. It is also a quest for a woman to find the truth of her family, and to find her own happiness. The plot is fast-paced. The characters are well-developed. I didn’t like that the ending was abruptly cut-short with a cliffhanger. I think the ending could have been better written. Still, it is a good novel, and will make you want to read the next novel to find out what happens. I recommend this story to those who like gothic fiction, and to those who are interested in aristocratic English society prior to the American Revolution.” History from a Woman’s Perspective "While not a typical romance, this is a fascinating, complex story that I completely enjoyed. It is well written and entertained me with mystery, suspense, scandal, sinister characters and first love. The ending took me by surprise and I’m eager to see how it all plays out in book #2 – Courting the Devil." Romantic Historical Reviews "I really surprised myself with how much I enjoyed this book.  The synopsis does not go into great detail with 'this, that and the other thing' that happens in this book, which I gotta say I like. Nothing worse then a scene by scene breakdown and leaving nothing to the imagination.  The beginning of The Serpent's Tooth trilogy this book is full of mystery, suspense, romance, deception and family drama." Just One More Chapter Reviews
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