I   have   been   writing   for   as   long   as   I   can   remember,   starting   with   a   goofy   fable   when   I was   in   the   second   grade,   which   I   illustrated   as   well.   Then   came   the   mega   historical epic   in   sixth   grade   fashioned   after   my   favorite   hero   at   the   time,   the   Swamp   Fox, (played   on   TV,   by   the   late   Leslie   Nielsen).   After   reading   The   Scarlet   Pimpernel    in the    eighth    grade,    the    French    Revolution    caught    my    fancy    and    there    followed another great saga. My   life-long   love   of   early American   history   can   be   traced   back   to early   childhood   and   the   many   family   vacations   up   and   down   the east   coast,   where   my   Civil   War   buff   father   photographed   me   and my   sisters   perched   on   cannons   at   every   major   fort   and   battlefield from Canada to Virginia. Authors    get    their    ideas    in    a    variety    of    ways.    For    me,    it’s    been    dreams,    very cinematic   dreams   that   stay   in   my   head   long   after   I’ve   awakened.   Sometimes   it’s   a full-blown   story,   but   mostly   it’s   a   collection   of   cryptic   scenes   that   need   to   simmer   on the   back   burner   while   my   muse   (when   she’s   not   vacationing   on   a   sunny   beach somewhere) adds seasoning and substance to the mix. While   I   always   wanted   to   write,   I   indulged   my   need   to   be   creative   in   college   by majoring   in   dramatic   arts,   which   led   to   a   short-lived   acting   career   in   the   Big   Apple.   I then   went   on   to   earn   an   MFA   in   acting,   got   married,   taught   drama   at   a   small   all-girls liberal   arts   college   in   Indiana,   had   two   beautiful   kids   and   settled   down.   During   those years,   I   dabbled   in   careers   in   advertising,   publishing,   self-employment,   and   higher education   reform   in   Eastern   Europe   and   the   former   Soviet   Union. All   the   while,   I   wrote, first   on   the   same   manual   Olivetti   I   pounded   while   in   high   school,   and   college,   then   on a   Sears   electric   typewriter   before   moving   into   the   digital   age   on   a   Commodore   64   and daisy wheel printer.. A    Bronx    native,    I    grew    up    on    Long    Island    and    now    live    in    Central    Connecticut    with    my teacher/director/playwright   (and   soon-to-be   retired)   husband   and   our   two   dogs   When   not   writing,   I   enjoy cooking, gardening, photography and graphics, music, and rooting on my favorite sports teams..
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