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...I could easily see this series as a movie–maybe one day I will.” Long and Short Reviews The time would come when she would be forced to choose  between husband and father, guilt and redemption, fate and chance, heart and soul.  But for Anne Fairfield, driven by forces beyond her understanding, the path of her choosing was determined long before she was born. Read more...
The Serpent’s Tooth trilogy from BWL Publishing Now Available in a Single E-Book Volume
cover design by Michelle Lee
Completely re-edited and with a brand new cover by Michelle Lee of Stardust Creations, Winter Fire has been released by Books We Love in all e-book formats and in paperback. Ask for it now in a bookstore near you! Read more....
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 Available in all ebook formats and paperback I’m very excited to announce that after thirty years germinating, the book that ended up as The Return of Tachlanad is finally published. Once upon a time in the beleaguered land of Lothria… A princess under a magical aura, her absent-minded sorcerer grandfather; a conflicted warrior prince; a young ne’er-do-well who finds an unlikely friend while on an impossible quest; an imprisoned queen, her betrayed king, their enchanted son and his beautiful enchantress; a band of blood-thirsty assassins… and Tachlanad, the legendary Sword of Names, missing for generations… An epic fantasy adventure for all ages, from Books We Love, Ltd. For more information and buy links, please click here. 
cover design by Michelle Lee
Where the River Narrows, Book 12 BWL Publishing’s “Candian Historical Brides” Series Now Available for Pre-Order
For many Loyalists during the American War for Independence, the perilous journey to Canada at the onset of winter was just the beginning of a long and arduous struggle to find a new home amid the upheavals of war and separation, death and privation. For Elisabeth Van Alen, it also means finding new strength and the will to survive. But as losses mount and hope continues to elude even the most stalwart among them, her dreams begin to fade that she will find a new beginning and happiness in an unforgiving wilderness.  Will they forge a new life together with the remnants of her family? Each of the Canadian Historical Brides novels features one of the ten Canadian provinces and two of the novels feature the three Canadian Territories. These novels combine fact and fiction to tell the stories of the immigrant brides and grooms who came to Canada from diverse backgrounds to join in marriage and build the foundation of the free and welcoming country that is Canada.
BWL Publishing acknowledges the Government of Canada and the Canada Book Fund for its financial support in creating the Canadian Historical Brides series.